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BuyVM正式收购AnyNode VPS,AnyNode老用户要在8月1日前免费转移服务器或余额





最重要的是:所 AnyNodeVPS 都将在2021年8月1日之前关闭


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AnyNode VPS Customers Moving To BuyVM

After much discussions and deliberation internally, we’ve decided to partner with BuyVM (Frantech Solutions) to acquire all AnyNode VPS accounts. BuyVM is a well established provider in the hosting space and a long time partner of AnyNode’s – providing us with bandwidth in our Las Vegas location.

This move means a higher quality of service for VPS customers, a new VPS management panel, access to new add-ons like DDoS protected IPs, and much more. Features we already offer, like free DirectAdmin licenses and BGP sessions are also available at BuyVM.

This decision stems from a falling out we had with developers building our new in-house VPS panel. Things weren’t progressing as we expected and it effectively left us starting over on development. We feel this move leaves our VPS customers in even more capable hands and allows us to focus on other parts of the company.

In order to facilitate this move, there is manual action required on your part. VPS’s will be recreated at BuyVM, including an IP address change. Please read the instructions below carefully to request your new VPS.

This applies to all AnyNode VPS customers (KVM, OpenVZ Wedge). Las Vegas VPS’s will be recreated immediately, Miami VPS’s will be recreated in the coming weeks – or you can request a move to Las Vegas to have a new BuyVM VPS recreated immediately.

All AnyNode VPS’s will be shut down by August 1st, 2021.

Important Instructions

1 – Create An Account With BuyVM

VPS customers must create an account at BuyVM (if you don’t already have one). We will not be migrating customer details or logins, you must create an account at https://my.frantech.ca/register.php

Use real information when signing up to avoid being denied by the fraud detection system.

Please use the same email you use at AnyNode when creating the account to make it easier to verify you.

2 – Open A Billing Ticket And Request A Move OR Account Credit

Open a ticket with BuyVM’s billing department. In this ticket please tell them whether you’d like to have a new service provisioned with the same specifications as your current plan, or if you’d like an account credit.

You must include the IP address(es) of your current AnyNode VPS(‘s).

Ticket Subjects:

AnyNode Migration – [IP.Address]

AnyNode Migration – Account Credit

3 – A New VM Will Be Created At BuyVM – OR Account Credits Assigned

After verifying the details, BuyVM will create a VPS to the same specifications as your current AnyNode plan and provide a free month of service for you to migrate your data. You will be assigned a new IP address for the VM.

If you’ve selected the account credit option, the remaining time on your current AnyNode VPS(‘s) will be calculated as a credit and applied to your BuyVM account.

4 – All AnyNode VPS’s Will Be Terminated August 1st

Important – If you have a recurring payment setup with Paypal for your AnyNode VPS, you must login to Paypal and cancel it yourself.

If you do not follow the above steps to request a new VPS at BuyVM, all AnyNode hosted VPS’s will go offline on August 1st, 2021. So please get a head start on this and get your new VPS provisioned with BuyVM to avoid service interruption.

Service-Specific Notices

OpenVZ Wedges

BuyVM does not offer OpenVZ plans, so OpenVZ VPS customers who choose to migrate their service will be provisioned with a similar specification KVM VPS instead of an OpenVZ one.

OpenVZ Resellers

BuyVM does not have a reseller system in place, but may be able to provide some options to resellers. Please reach out to BuyVM’s sales department via ticket to discuss these options.

Dedicated, Managed & IP Resource Customers

There are no changes to AnyNode Dedicated, Managed or IP Resource customers – this change only impacts VPS plans.

From the team here at AnyNode, we just want to say thank you for your patronage and trust in us over the years. This transition was a tough decision for us to make, but we truly feel this is the best path forward for AnyNode and that you’ll be in even better hands with a new VPS at BuyVM.


AnyNode Team


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